Play Cricket Online
22 real cricket shots, 14 world class teams to choose from. The best in cricket online games. Howzat is a free cricket game that lets you play cricket online games with your friends.
No Downloads, No Installs
Free to play cricket online games anywhere anytime! Just login with your facebook account and play online cricket games free.
Unlock Multiplayer Games
Play free cricket games in multiplayer mode, and take your team to glory. Manage your team and play online cricket games! Cricket games free with friends give you energy.
How to play a shot?
Press an arrow key to time the shot in the direction you want to hit the ball. Howzat offers the best shot selection in free cricket games.
  • The Up arrow plays a defensive cricket shot.
  • The Left arrow plays an off-side cricket shot (for right handers).
  • The Right arrow plays a leg-side cricket shot (for right handers).
  • The Down arrow plays a straight drive.
How to play cricket online with Friends?

First, you need to invite friends.

In Howzat Cricket free games can be played with your friends any time. You can call them to play cricket online with you. Whoever scores maximum runs in a 5 over cricket game, wins.

Moreover, you can challenge your friends to 2 over free cricket games, and earn free energy to play cricket online later.

How to play Multiplayer?
You can play multiplayer when you reach level 5. This is a unique online
cricket free games where 4 players play cricket online games and compete for the best score.
How to hit sixes?
Press "SPACE" to turn your batsman into aggressive mode. In this free cricket games freely hit sixes by timing the ball well.
I need more energy! What do I do?

Online cricket games against challenging teams consume energy. You can play cricket games free with friends to gain energy. If you want instant energy, you can buy energy packs from the shop using coins.

Enjoy the best social cricket free games online. Have loads of fun in a real online cricket games free!